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  Homemade Baby Wipes
by Jes Mostek
Not Rated
When nothing else worked on our baby's sensitive skin, these homemade wipes saved her butt, literally!

  Homemade Produce Wash for Your Fruits & Veggies
by Sandy
Not Rated
Course: Homemade Cleaners Tags mandi@LifeYourWay Ingredients 1 cup water 1 cup white vinegar 1 tablespoon baking soda 1/2 lemon Directions | N ...

  No Dinner Night
by Dinner P
Not Rated
This is for my info so I know we will not be needing a meal tonight. Otherwise will be leftovers.

Play Dough Recipe
by Becca Larkin
Not Rated
FUN CRAFT/NONEDIBLE RECIPE: Make your own Play Dough at home so you can make whatever color you want and even add scents and glitter.

Shahi Paneer
by Jagran User
Not Rated
Shahi Paneer is considered to be a mainstay dish especially in the Northern parts of India. Shahi which means 'Royal' and Paneer when translated is ' Cottage Cheese' gives Sha ...

by Jennifer Gustafson
Not Rated
no meal planned yet!

Test Recipe 3
by Hermes Mostek
Not Rated
test description

Test Recipe 4
by Hermes Mostek
Not Rated
Test description, update 2

  Test Recipe 5
by Hermes Mostek
Not Rated
Test Recipe 5, updated

  Test Recipe 6
by Hermes Mostek
Not Rated
test recipe 6

by tina hancock
Not Rated

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by tina hancock
serves: 6
No ratings
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