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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who owns these recipes?
A: In a nutshell, everyone does. Once a recipe has been published, posted, or otherwise shared, it is considered a matter of public record. So the list of ingredients and basic instructions associated with a recipe cannot technically be "owned" or "stolen," but if there is a story that accompanies a recipe, that may be subject to copyright regulations.

Q: What if I didn't "invent" a recipe; can I still post it under my name?
A: This is really more of a matter of common courtesy than it is a matter of government regulation. If you got the recipe from Aunt Nellie or a church cookbook, or if you adapted a dish that you once saw on TV, or in a cooking class you attended, proper etiquette is that you acknowledge your source.
To learn more about recipe ownership and copyright, check out the following links:
Washington Post article, "Can a Recipe be Stolen?"

U.S. Copyright Office Recipe/Formula Protection under the Law

Q: Can I republish a meal plan that I found or customized on in my club's newsletter or community bulletin?
A: Please send me an email at Chances are good that I'll be honored to have you pass along the info that you find in, but please contact me first so I know about it.

Q: How much does is cost to have a membership with
A: Membership is free, and it always will be. I feel that if I were to charge for a service that's supposed to save you money, that'd be a bit of an inconsistency with my goals for this site. You'll notice that there are ads on this site. The revenues from the ads have been just enough to cover hosting and domain name costs, plus one nice dinner for my sister, who's done all the fabulous graphic design work on the site. Check out her website at

Q: So, what's your motivation for creating and keeping up this website?
A: Every so often, I get an email from a member of the MonthlyMealPlanner community, telling me how much this site means to him/her, just how helpful (s)he found it, and that (s)he's emailing the link for this site to everyone (s)he knows. That totally keeps me going! So if you found this site to be helpful, please pass it on. Because the more people who benefit from, the more I know my time is well-spent!
Plus, it's fun and exciting for me to find and try out some of the great recipes that MMP community members post and incorporate into their own custom meal plans.

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