Chicken Quesadillas with Blue Chips and Guac
by Ken Bates
In addition to the recipe, you will also need the following for this meal:
  1 bag  salad
  1 bag  corn chips

Grilled chicken quesadillas
by Ken Bates
serves: 1
  Very fast, very simple, very good
  1 ea   Frozen chicken breast
  4 ea   flour tortilla
  4 oz   shredded cheese
  1 oz   salsa-medium
  Grill the frozen chicken breast until COMPLETELY cooked on a George Forman Grill

Cut the chicken into small strips

Lay out two tortillas (low carb wraps work well also)

Place half the chicken on each tortilla

Place half the cheese on each tortilla

Cover each tortilla with another tortilla

Pan fry the tortilla on a dry cast iron skillet, turning once

Cut into 6 pieces and serve with salsa on the side