Cheesy Ziti and Berry Cobbler
by Jes Mostek

1-Cup Cobbler
by Christina Bliss
serves: 8
  Super easy and delicious cobbler recipe.
  1 cup   Flour
  1 cup   Sugar
  1 cup   Milk
  1 tablespoon   Baking Powder
  1 cube   Butter
  1 16 oz can   Fruit/Pie Filling
  Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Melt butter and put half in the baking dish (8x8 glass dish or something similar). Mix all ingredients together, except fruit, in separate bowl until smooth. Pour batter into baking dish. Add fruit filling to baking dish but do not blend with batter. Bake approx. 45 min or until firm.

One-Step Cheesy Ziti
by Melanie Foster
serves: 8
  Just mix and bake, no pre-cooking of the pasta, not too many dishes. A good pantry staple meal.
  1 lb.   ziti or medium pasta tube shaped
  26 oz   Jarred pasta sauce
  12 oz   evaporated milk, skim or reg.
  2 cups   mozzarella or pizza cheese, shredded
  1/2 cup   Parmesan, grated
  1 1/2 cups   water
  4 Tbsp.   butter, cubed
  Mix everything except butter in a large bowl. Pour into a greased casserole or 9x13 inch pan. Place butter cubes evenly on top. Cover tightly with lid or foil. Bake at 350 for 1 hour or until pasta is al dente. If the pasta is not cooked through, mix in another 1/2 cup water and bake 15 more minutes. Stir before serving.